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Virtual private server (VPS) is a resource for those firms or people that require hosting resources at a cheap and affordable price. VPS hosting is equipped with great performance and durable uptime services. A virtual private server is a virtual machine that is not tangible but is rather sold as a service by an internet hosting service. The VPS functioning is similar and equal to the task as a dedicated physical server. Since the VPS are software run they can be easily created and configured because the softwares can be updated if desired. They are various internet hosting services that deal with this type of business and they are much cheaper in the long run rather than use of physical servers.

Ipage.com VPS hosting services

The ipage.com hosting services is one of the best VPS specialists and is quite cheap compared to other internet hosts. The VPS hosting services are available online and you can order for their services by purchasing online. After the purchase there is instant deployment of the service and the best part is that you can customize your configurations.

Here are some of the advantages of using iPage.com as your hosting service

    • Full support: the VPS hosting is a world class supported system and is applicable to any gadgets that can access the internet. Example phone, chat and mail.
    • Semi private resources: this entails the high speed that comes with use of our hosting services. There is also guaranteed memory that is also expandable upon demand.
    • Control: there is nothing as great as having control over your things and business. On iPage.com there is increased control and easy to use panel included. There is also access to rooting services.
    • Cloud based flexibility: just like the semi private resources there is availability of space as desired by the client. Therefore with iPage you do not have to worry about space.

ipage vps promo codes

iPage VPS Promo Codes

: Save $25 off on VPS purchase of $200 or more.

: Save $15 off on VPS purchase of $100 or more.

Unlike other VPS hosting services iPage is known for its considerate and friendly yet professional attention to its customers. Being a small business it sure knows how to deliver just the exact services you are looking for in a hosting site. The iPage has a coupon discount and you know what that means! There is a price off the original price. There is at least a 20% discount off; also after purchase there is 30 day money back guarantee therefore you are assured of good customer service and high quality services. The promo code is usually applicable to the first term only and there hence forth the renewal rates are constant.

The iPage is usually one of the best hosting services and for more information on what they deal with rather than VPS hosting you can check on their website. Make sure to choose a trusted VPS host since security is the key importance in any company data. Always check the reviews on any hosting services before you make a decision.

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