Linode VPS Promo Codes 2015

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About Linode VPS Hosting Services.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service that a user buys from an internet web hosting service. VPS is a service that provides complete privacy in the resources and data of a certain user. A VPS is a server that allows different accounts to share information that can be run by the same operating system (OS) but the origin of these resources or data and some selected data are privy to the mother account. VPS allows any user to their own data privacy, server customization, controlled independent access and your very own storage unit.
Linode VPS coupons
Since VPS is an extremely beneficial service— needed especially by small businesses which wish to create a website but is incapable of financing their own dedicated hosting— because it’s cheaper and they still get almost the same benefits from a dedicated server, Linode offers one of the cheapest Linux-based cloud hosting VPS in the market. Linode offers multiple VPS packages for different hosting needs. Linode is a leader in VPS hosting that is used by most companies to host their websites. In addition, companies choose Linode to host their mobile applications, data storage and/or cloud computer back-up as well as many other hosting needs. For a cheaper price, Linode VPS offers better deals than any other hosting service can. Their per hourly rate of 0.015$ and Linode’s cheapest plan offers 1GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 24 GB SSD storage, 2 TB inbound transfer and more. These features get better in different Linode Cloud Hosting services.

Linode Promo Codes for 2015

: Free a $20 credit for a limited time only.

: Sign up and get $10 credit.

: Free $50 credit from Linode.

Linode doesn’t just alleviate the cost of owning your high quality VPS but also provides cheaper alternatives in getting one with their Linode VPS Promo Codes. Linode VPS Promo Codes provide multiple packages from a short-term to a long-term VPS service usage. Linode has a promo code that takes off 10% for a purchase of a one year Linode hosted VPS. Another Linode VPS promo code takes off 15% for a two-year purchase. Linode VPS Promo codes also give a free $10 on VPS plus a 1GB plan for every sign-up. Linode’s 10% and 15% off discounts do not just apply once but on all of their VPS packages. For a VPS service provider, Linode doesn’t just set the standard in hosting but surpasses it.

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