OVH VPS Promo Codes

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About VPS Hosting Services.

OVH is a European company located in Roubaix, France. It is recognized as the Europe’s leading web hosting provider. Its selling point has been unbeatable for long, enabling it to gain competitive advantage over other internet players.

The OVH VPS gives you an opportunity to control your virtual server independently. It also gives you freedom to penetrate the cloud world with less cost incurred. Alongside VPS plans, you can also host your website and sell online using the company’s dedicated servers, and more so, register your domain names with affordable prices.

ovh vps coupons

OVH VPS Promo Codes.

The promotions and discounts offered in form of coupons and promo codes include a $ 2.99 per month only for VPS plans. You will also find VPS cloud going for $ 14.99 per month, dedicated servers for $ 42 per month, OVH exchange for $ 3.99 per month in the beginning, managed backups for as low as $ 14 per month and dedicated cloud services from $ 583.80.

Note that these coupons expire with time, thus you should keep checking the company’s website for updates. Make OVH your hosting destination and be sure of saving good amount with any plan you go for.

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